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Stained House

All the informations about the dorms you should expect as a single, couple, or family


How to open a bank account and how to exchange currency

phones charging

Getting a SIM card, choosing a phone company, and other tips


You don't want to cook but you are starving? Here are your options!


Where the entrances of the campus are and how they work

Melting Television

Important info about the routers on the campus, and how to get the Israeli TV


Basic info on the university library and our own free library

Painted Green Arrow

Useful contacts for miscellaneous needs


It's green, it's beautiful, and it's full of nice vegetables for us to eat

Table Tennis

A non-exhaustive list of all the activities offered by the campus (sports, arts and many more)


A checklist of things you need to do / bring with you before arriving


Weather in the campus and general climate here

First Aid box on pink BG

All the info you need in case of emergency, dorm emergency, harassment, or alarms

Illustrated Dinner

How to get some food (all the methods!)

Laundry Hanging

Where the laundry rooms are and how to use them

Orange Stamp

How to send and receive mail

Plastic Bag Recycling

Where to throw your plastics, glass, compost, etc...

Yellow Bus

Buses, trains... Basically how to get in and out of the campus

Pencil and notepad

A checklist of all the things you need to take of upon your arrival on the campus

Driving Uphill

If you are coming with a car, here is what you need to know

Wooden Boxes

The equipment of the campus that you can borrow

Garage Doors

Here you will find all the communal rooms as well as the facilities of the Midreshet (pub, pool, cafés, etc...)

Avatar 96

Health insurance info, clinique opening hours, dentists, and mental health specialists


All the different options to learn Hebrew on the campus (or around)

Vintage Map Transparency

Maps of the Midreshet, of the campus, and of the facilities

Council elders.png

Your student council and how to contact it

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