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You're coming here and want some advice before you do, well just follow these steps


Check out the weather. You're gonna need drastically different clothing depending on the season


You need a student visa (if you are not Israeli). Make sure that everything is set before you land in the country


Make sure to have an insurance policy starting on your arrival date in Israel (valid for at least 2 months and that will end, preferably, at the end of your student visa). You can take the one offered by the Hospitality office (see the Healthcare page) or a private one. If you take a private make sure it covers all medical emergencies, hospitalisation, medical flight evacuation back to your home country, transportation of mortal remains and all medical care connected to the coronavirus.


Here you'll get a pair of linens for your bed and some very basic kitchen equipment so if you need more stuff, make sure to bring what you need. You can listen to this orientation podcast designed to give you the important informations about arriving on the campus.

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