Piggy Bank

All students must have an Israeli bank account in order for the school to transfer each student their scholarship. Below are the steps you should follow to open your account:


  1. Sarit (PhD and Masters students) or Hagit (postdocs) will provide you a letter (in Hebrew) directed to all banks asking them to provide you with a "student" bank account. "Student" accounts are beneficial because they give you access to a cost free debit card or a credit card and exempt you from most other banking fees. Note that, as an international student, you might not be eligible to receive a credit card, but if it's something you want, you can try and insist with them. 

  2. Here is a non-exhaustive list of banks you are free to choose any bank

  3. At the bank, don't forget to bring with you:

    • The letter Sarit/Hagit gave you

    • Your letter of acceptance to the university

    • Your passport

    • An additional photo ID (e.g. foreign driver’s license or voter registration card).

  4. If going to a bank in Be'er Sheva (rather than the local post office), you'll have to register to the queue. At some banks, there is an automated machine where you can do this. You'll need to enter your passport number and to specify that you're opening an account. If you're at all confused, don't hesitate to ask a bank employee. Also don't be shy about interrupting a conversation in order to do this.

  5. Once you're registered in the queue, you'll receive a number and (eventually) you will be directed to a specific bank employee. When it is your turn give the clerk your turn slip and your documents. Ask the clerk if they speak English and if they don’t, mention that you are a student and direct their attention to Sarit’s letter. Note that all bank contracts must be legally provided in either English or Arabic. Bank Hapoalim offers free translations of its contracts to Russian.

  6. Make sure to ask the bank to raise your bank card limit. Often, they put the limit very low for student cards and you won't be able to pay for your rent, food, electricity and insurance policy at the same time so double-check with them.

  7. Also make sure to demand the option of being served on the phone or on the website in English.

  8. Once you have opened your student account, email your information to Sarit (PhD and Masters students) or Hagit (postdocs) and make sure to return to the same bank branch to pick up your debit and credit card (a week to 15 days later). Sometimes they can offer a delivery to Midrashet Ben-Gurion.

Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank

Currency exchange

The post office in the Midrasha does not sell US dollars, however they are working on offering that service in the near future. There are various options for exchanging currency in Be'er Sheva both near the Central Bus Station and in the Old City. Some options include:

1. HaPoalim Bank in HaAtsmaut Street has an ATM that can give US dollars and euros (enter inside and going to the right, there is a separated area).

2. Close to the Central Bus Station there are exchange offices that give good deals (not the one inside/directly outside the building - if you walk out toward the direction of mall and turn left, it's the exchange shop just down the bus station strip within that group of shops). There are also exchange shops opposite the HaPoalim bank in HaAtsmaut street, and another close to the Discount Bank.