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General emergencies

Police : 100

Ambulance : 101

Fire: 102

Less urgent emergencies

During the clinic hours (check the Healthcare page), call the clinic. Outside clinic hours, you can contact a nurse (24/7) (for clalit:  *2700, press "4" for an English operator and then "5" to talk to a nurse on duty).

Housing/dorm emergencies

For general housing emergencies during working hours, contact Ella. For after-hours emergencies (that cannot wait until the office hours) call the on-duty staff member at this phone number 050-202-9799. When in doubt, you can also email the SB List.

Emergencies in the institute's buildings

For "building" emergencies, like burst pipes, electricity problems or sewage problems in an institute building, you can call the on-duty staff member at this phone number 050-202-9799.

Sexual harassment

It is important to feel that you are in a safe place and not threatened by anyone.  If you want to feel protected, or protect others, you must take the first step of filing a complaint, either via the school or the police. One should not feel under pressure or threatened to stay quiet about an incident of harassment (guidelines here (in hebrew) and here (in english)). The university takes these instances seriously, and it is a system that has been used in the past. 

You can also contact Nurit Novoplansky (, the sexual harassment contact person on our campus, to fill your complain. 

National alarms

Generally, Midreshet Ben-Gurion is a safe place to be.  However, we advise you to be prepared for sirens that will sound in the event of national emergencies such as rocket/mortar attacks or earthquakes. Review the Security Department's guidelines and act accordingly to stay safe. You can also get information on the situation of the country at the Home Front Commande website.


You can easily distinguish the sirens from the fire alarm (fire alarmsound of siren)

All these informations can be found in the BGU Health and Emergency Resources handbook (here)

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