Toilet paper rolls and glass jars

​The gerbils of campus always need new furniture for their homes and theses toilet paper rolls are perfect for that. They also need glass jars (square ones) for making a comfy love nest. 

If you have any, bring them to the building number 4 (there are collection buckets in front of the lab) 

Normal garbage

Everything that is not listed below can go into the normal garbage cans (green)


Student Garden: Use the bin with no stones on it. Cover with dry leaves (the blue container next to the containers has plenty of it. Do not use this blue container as a compost bin!). Do not put meat or milk products

Paper and thin cardboard

​Paper and thin cardboard (e.g., cereal boxes) can be recycled in the round blue bins across from the laundry room. These are located between the new dorms and the Neve Boker neighborhood, and by the supermarket. There are also small paper bins in some university buildings.

garbage can.jpg
Plastic / Metal / Carton

There are some orange bins next to the normal bins. You can put in there the following: 

Plastic food containers - dairy product containers (like cheese), spreads (like hummus), ketchup bottles, etc. 

Any plastic bags (also bags of snacks like chips)

Styrofoam packaging 

Hygiene product packaging - like toothpaste, soap bottles... 

If you buy milk in a bag - you can throw it here!

Any other plastic packaging - like cleaning products, etc.... 

Metal containers - such as deodorant bottles, cans of food (like tuna), baby milk powder boxes etc... 

Carton drinking products - such as juice and milk  

Large plastic bottles

​Any bottle-shaped plastic container  can be recycled in the bottle cages. There are bottle cages across from the laundry room, between the new dorms and the Neve Boker neighborhood, and by the supermarket. 

Small bottles and cans

If "חייב בפקדון 30 אגורות" (“Requires 30 Agorot Deposit”) appears on the container, then you can get this deposit back at any store (no matter where you bought it from).

Thick cardboard

​There are receptacles for cardboard across from the laundry room, between the new dorms and the Neve Boker neighborhood, and by the supermarket.

Large beer bottles

If “Returnable” is written on the glass bottom, these reusable. You can a 1.20 NIS refund at any grocery store, including our “Super-Zin” (ask the cashier).

Other glass bottles

​A receptacle for glass bottles is located at the recycling center near the supermarket (with separate bins according to color). Another receptacle is located between the new dorms and the Neve Boker neighborhood. Remember to wash the the bottle before recycling it.

large garbage compaund.jpeg
Appliances and large items

Please dispose of them next to the solar building (building 28). DO NOT place them next to the garbage bins!


​There are designated bins at some of the university buildings. Exact locations tend to change, so ask around in your department if you need help. In the biology building, the container is currently on top of the mailboxes. Batteries, CDs, and DVDs can also be deposited in the small box attached to the front of the plastic bottle cages.