Transportation Smartphone Apps:

  • Moovit/Google Maps: Both are useful for public tranportation and walking directions.

  • Waze: Excellent for driving because it considers local traffic conditions.

Public Transportation:

  • To/From Be’er Sheva: Metropoline lines 60 & 64 stop at the gate of the Midrasha. You can also use the line 65, which stops at junction with the main road.

  • To/From Dimona & Yerhuam: Metropoline line 55 stops at the Midrasha gate and runs to Dimona (stopping in Yerhuam).

  • To Mitzpe Ramon: All of the previously mentioned bus lines (60, 64, 65, and 55) originate and/or end in Mitzpe Ramon.

  • To/From Tel Aviv: Line 660 stops at the junction with the main road at 6:41 Sunday-Thursday mornings, arriving at the TLV central bus station around 8:35. The same line returns south in the afternoon, leaving the TLV central bus station at 16:05 and arriving at the junction at 17:59. On Fridays, the bus goes north at 7:36 and departs south at 13:05.


University Transportation:

  • To Be’er Sheva: Buses leave from the roundabout in front of Dorit’s building at 15:20 and 18:00 Sunday-Thursday. In Be’er Sheva, the buses stop across from the market/central bus station, the university sports center, and possibly points in between if you ask the driver.

  • To Midreshet Ben Gurion: Buses leave from Be'er Sheva (across from the dorms/university sports center) to the Midrasha at 7:20 and 9:30 Sunday-Thursday. They also make a few other stops in Be'er Sheva. Ask around for exact information.

  • Note: These buses are provided for university employees and if there is not enough space, students are not allowed on.



  • There is a Midreshet-wide Telegram group (mostly in hebrew) and a campus-wide WhatsApp group (in english) on which you can ask for and offer rides.

  • Note: Unless otherwise stated, it is expected that you’ll help with the cost of the gas when ridesharing. The standard contribution for a ride between the Midrasha and Be’er Sheva is 10 NIS.


Getting to/from the airport from Be’er Sheva:

  • By train: During daytime hours, you can take the train from Be’er Sheva to the airport (requires switching at Tel-Aviva Hagana). The same method works in reverse, too.

  • By bus: During the late night/early morning hours, you’ll need to take a bus. Metropoline line 469 travels between Be’er Sheva Central Station and Terminal 3 at the airport. It also works in reverse.


Applying for a Rav Kav Card:

  • Students are eligible for significant discounts on public transportation. In order to take advantage of these, you must have a Rav Kav card. To get one, you’ll need your student ID card AND an official letter from Dorit stating that you’re a student (if you're a new student and didn't receive your student card yet, just take the official letter from Dorit). Once you have these, you can take them (AND your passport/Israeli ID) to the Rav Kav office. In Be’er Sheva, there are two Rav Kav offices: (1) Inside the central bus station, directly across from platform 4 and (2) at the University train station. The card needs to be updated at the Rav Kav office every academic year.