The Super Zin is located in the town center. It has pretty much everything you need, but the prices can be high. Students are eligible for a 3% discount. To claim your discount, you'll need a letter from Sarit, which you can bring to one of the cashiers in order to set up an account.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday from 08:00 to 19:00

Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.


Online grocery shopping (Shufersal)

Shufersal has a website and delivers to the Midrasha four times a week (Sunday - once a day, Monday and Tuesday - twice a day and Wednesday - once a day). There is a delivery charge (30 NIS if you order less than 900 NIS, 10 NIS if you order more than 900 NIS). 


The website is fairly straightforward, but in Hebrew (easily translated with Google Translate). However you will need an israeli credit card/ ID number to be able to pay online. Sometimes the ID number in the student card (9 digit number) works as well instead of israeli ID, or if not, pair up with your favorite Israeli and order together!

You can check out this elaborated guide to open an account and example for adding correct address. 

Outside the Midrasha

The world outside the Midrasha also offers many opportunities for grocery shopping. There is a Shufersal in Yeruham (spontaneous carpool opportunities are often posted on the SB-campus emails) and another one next to the Beer Sheva central bus station. Next to the central station, there is also the open market ("shuk") that sells fresh vegetables and fruits. For international/ specialty goods look for russian stores, like Tiv Taam. More grocery stores and other exciting local landmarks can be found on this map.