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Communal rooms

There are many communal rooms on the campus that are open to everyone (see Maps for their locations).

Here are the basic rules for all of them:

  1. Put the key back in its box as soon as you finish using it! Not in an hour, not a day later. Other people also want to use the space, so be kind.​

  2. The Studio and the Sport rooms have google calendars! So whoever wants to use it can book the room. PLEASE use the calendars to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and double booking!

  3. This is NOT a free zone for children !! In all the rooms there are expensive equipment and some dangerous things (like weights, scissors, knives, etc.) so children are only allowed with parent supervision!!

  4. Close all windows, AC and lights.

  5. Keep the rooms clean and tidy for the next person (and, please, DO NOT leave the room unattended and unlocked!)

    • Corona time update: There are sanitizing sprays in ALL the rooms so please make sure to wipe the equipment you used!​

If you see something broken or that require maintenance in the rooms, please let the council know. 

The keys are in keyboxes next to each room. To know the codes and register to the google calendar of the rooms, please  email the student council (

TV Room

TV Room

​The TV room is located building 42 and has a TV and a library full of books left by students. Feel free to use it to relax or to refresh yourself with the AC. 

Sports room

Sports room

​There is a sport room on the campus in the shelter 68.5. It is owned and managed by the students. This a nice room with mats, basic boxing equipment, basic fitness equipment, weights and a machine. To use it, please book the room using this Calendar.

Art room

Art room

There is an art room (building 55), which is available for all students to use. The art room is opened for drawing/painting sessions every few weeks, occasional workshops, and can be used by students at other times. 



The studio refers to the building on the right of the pub. This communal room is a great place for classes (pilates, yoga, dance, zumba, singing...) and the location of some communal equipment, such as the piano. There is also a small dedicated to individual training and the treadmill is located there. 

To use the room (or any of the equipment inside), please book the room using this Calendar

Family room

Family room

This room is dedicated to families. It has everything to spend quality time with your kids.



The student pub is run by the students of the campus. It generally opens on Tuesday and Friday evening but it can opened for any event (Christmas, the world's cup, International pizza day... anything!). When using the pub, you have to open it for everybody (aka send an email about it)

To book the pub for a communal event, please use this Calendar

Radio/Podcasting studio

Radio Show

Located in building 47, this studio houses the BGU Radio and has all the equipment needed for recording. To access the room, please contact Buzi

Swimming pool


Open from mid-May until the end of September. Students can pay per entry, or buy a seasonal pass. The opening hours will be updated in June 2022.

There is also a closed swimming pool in Mashabey Sade, a nearby kibbutz.  A seasonal pass (September through May) can be purchased at the Regional Council. 

Tennis courts


There are two tennis courts located at the high school. The courts can be used for free and the rackets and balls are in the sports room (68.5).

Basketball courts


There are three outdoor basketball courts in the Midrasha. Two are by the high school and one is by the primary school. There is no fee for using the courts and you can find a basketball in the sports room (68.5).

Exercise Gym

Gym 2.jpg

There is also a small private gym located at the center of the Midrasha. It has basic equipment, including treadmills and the like. The basic registration fee is 180 NIS per month and you can get a coach to help you.

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