Student Garden

The student garden is located near the student apartments. Students plant different vegetables seasonally, and many herbs grow year-round (mint, lemon grass, Arabic hyssop, thyme, and more).  Students are also welcome to use the garden benches for potlucks and other social gatherings. There are regular calls for volunteers to help maintaining the garden but if you want to be part of the garden team, contact Nir or Almog.


You can pick any fruit/vegetable/herb in the garden, just follow this tutorial (or your common sense)

There is also a space in the garden for students to bring fruit and vegetable scraps for composting. There are a few simple rules for the compost:

  • Use only the bin with no stones on it

  • Only organic waste -- no plastic

  • After you leave your waste, cover it with some dry leaves (there is a bag of leaves next to to the compost bins)

  • Not too much meat or citrus at once

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