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For more information, please contact Eden (for Master and PhD students) or Hagit (for Post-Doc students). 

Rules and regulations

(basically a summary of what is in your housing contract)

1. Rent, electricity and water can be paid by credit card, check or cash.
2. Rent is paid monthly, electricity and water is paid once every 4 months.
3. There is a standard, mandatory deposit upon moving into the dorms (920 nis).
4. Raising or feeding pets around dorms area is completely forbidden.
5. Open fire is forbidden around dorm area.
6. You are to keep all equipment in the dorm in well condition and returned upon leaving as you received it.
7. You are to keep the silence after 23:00. Please be considerate to your neighbors.
8. Drilling holes or altering the structure of the dorms in any way is forbidden.
9. Do not take furniture outside from the dorm.
10. Installing shade in the balcony of the dorm or at the dorms area is forbidden.
11. You should keep the apartment in appropriate and proper condition.
12. Throughout the year, random visits will be performed to check if procedures are kept.
13. All students and family members of students living here must have a valid health insurance policy throughout their entire visa period. Please note that for every gap between policy periods you might lose rights for pre-existing conditions.

14. Some electrical items are forbidden to use due to their dangerosity. Here is a list of non-approved items.


So! You're coming to live here by yourself. Great!

Here are the four options you can be expecting upon arrival. You don't choose which one you get but all option are very nice! Rent is 920 NIS a month (and free for Master students) with an additional amount for water/electricity depending on your consumption. As a new student, you will be provided with basic cutlery, plates, cups and kitchen utensils to survive the first few days. You are also given bed linens. (P.S. the plans and models provided here are approximative)

First option: Caravan

A great space, with some space in front and around the house (a shared yard with other caravans) and a small space to make yourself a nice little garden.


Second option: Single 2 stories dorm

A studio over a floor and a half with a patio and a balcony. With air conditioning and great, big, stone walls to keep the heat /cold inside (depending on the time of the year). Most apartments come with a single bed and not as the pictures imply here (some has double bed). 

Single old dorm.png
Single old dorm.png

Third option: Single studio dorm

A studio on one floor with a patio (in the back if located on the ground floor and in the front if located on the first floor). Great living space and a very easy space to move around (no stairs inside the apartment). 


Fourth option: Shared dorm

In this option, you get a huge apartment with either a nice patio and small garden or a beautiful balcony. You'll share the space with a roommate but each of you get their own room (one has a single bed and the other double) and there are even two toilets to accommodate you (one only toilet and the second toilet with shared bathtub). Also you get a bathtub. How great !


You're coming with your paramore. Awesome!

Here is the main option you can be expecting upon arrival.

It is a cozy and nice space with a small closed patio and garden (if you're on the ground floor) or balcony )if you're on the first floor). The apartment has an AC in the living room. 

Rent is 1314 NIS a month with an additional amount for water/electricity depending on your consumption. If you are a Master student, the rent is 400 NIS for you both (University subsidize 920 nis for Master students). (P.S. the plans/models are approximative)

Couple_ Apartment.tif

You're coming with your whole family. Amazing!

You'll see there is a great community of families, here. These are the two options you can be expecting upon arrival. You don't choose which one you get but both are very nice!

Rent is 1719 NIS a month with an additional amount for water/electricity depending on your consumption (for both options) (P.S. the plans are approximative)

First option: Red dorm

Your first option is the family dorm in the red dorms. It occupies either the ground floor (and you have access to a patio and a small garden, showed below) or the first floor (and you have access to a balcony). It has AC in the living room and is a great big space in general. Most apartments has 2 bedrooms (one with a double bed and the other with a single bed) and a few apartments with 3 bedrooms (as illustrated in the picture below). 


Second option: Stone dorm

The second option is the family dorm in the stone dorms. It has two floors, a desk area room, two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It has an AC in the living room. You also have access to a patio and an open outside space to sit with your neighbors. It's a great beautiful space with nice big stone walls that keeps the heat out!

Family old 1
Family old 2
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