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Student council

The student council is divided into committees, each one in charge of a different aspect of student life. Here is a list of the existing committee. You are free to contact/join any of them! 

  • Culture committee (parties, events)

  • Sports committee

  • Art committee

  • Garden committee

  • Climate committee

  • Welcome committee (for new students)

  • Finance committee

  • Trips committee

  • Pub committee

Garden committee

The garden is a communal outdoor space for the campus people to enjoy and socialize. There are benches and tables, water tap and shade. In the garden we grow, based on permaculture principles, fruit trees, aromatic herbs and seasonal vegetables. We also produce our own compost and use it to enrich the soil. We have a small nursery to produce seedlings for seasonal planting.
If we will nurture the garden it will flourish, and we could enjoy its fruits.
So, join us! Every couple of weeks we meet in the garden for planting, trimming, harvesting, weeding and coffee! All are welcome with or without experience.
You can email us at or join our WhatsApp group:

Student Garden Committee welcoming-1.png
Student Garden Committee welcoming-1.png

Culture committee

For contact, please send an email to:
Or join the WhatsApp group

Finance committee

We take good care of the student council money

Join us by sending us an email at


The art committee is in charge of the art room and all art-related events (workshops, decorations for parties, etc...). We like art and we ain't afraid to make a splash!


Join our WhatsApp group if you are interested:

Orange Splash
Pink Splash

The welcoming committee helps set up the dorm for the new non-Israeli students coming to start their semester in our campus!

We get donations of kitchenware for them and we buy some basic products to make it a fresh and easy beginning in our campus!

We also come up with a buddy system for those entering quarantine on arrival.  

Come help us put a little bit of light to the new start of many!


Email us at or join our WhatsApp group if you are interested:


Art committee

Welcome committee

Sports committee


If there is sweat, we are here. We equip and maintain the sports room (68.5) and the little gym in the studio. We also organize the Olympic Games of the campus: THE SB-GAMES!  

So if you like sports and want to be part of making this campus as fit as humanly possible, join us. You can email us at  if you are interested.

Trips committee

Corona took a hit on us but we are BACK ! Our goal is to organize trips for the campus so that we can see a bit of the outside. We go hiking together, go to the beach, and more or less anything you can think of. So if you want to go out of the campus in an organized matter with your friends, join us!  You can email us at if you are interested.


Climate committee


Do you care about climate change, sustainability, and the environment? Well, we are the perfect committee for you! We organize events,we go to the climate march, and we find fresh new ways of making this campus greener and more sustainable. We need you and you can make a difference so join us!  You can join our WhatsApp group if you are interested.

Pub committee

If there is an event to celebrate, the pub team is here! We also maintain the student center in general as well as the flow of liquids in the campus. So if you are interested in helping to make the pub better everyday, then join us!  You can email us at if you are interested.



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