Gates and fence

As you can see, there is a fence surrounding the whole campus. The entrances are:

  • at the end of the new dorms

  • between the new and the old dorms

  • at the end of the old dorms

  • at the main entrance of the campus (kinda hard to miss this one...)

  • at the end of the caravans

  • between the caravans and the school buildings

  • after the biology building

All these gates are locked and can be opened from inside by pressing a button (again, hard to miss, there is only one button) and from outside by passing your student card (you need to make sure with Dorit that your student card has been magnetized or it will not work).

As for the main entrance, the main gate is always opened during the day (I'm not sure yet when it actually closes... it's pretty random right now...) but the barrier for cars is not (check the car section). If the main gate is closed, there is a door on the side that can also be opened with your student card. Also there is a security guard at the entrance so if none of those thing work, you can ask him to open the gate.