If you are bringing your car with you, there are two things you need to do upon arrival.

  1. Register your car with Sigalit in order to be able to enter through the campus gate. For this, send to the following informations:

    • First and last names​

    • ID or passport number

    • Vehicule identification number

    • Vehicule type

    • Vehicule colour

    • Mobile phone number

  2. To be able to enter the main gate of Midreshet (closed after 22:00), you need to register yourself as a citizen of the Midreshet. For this, you need a paper from Noa that proves that you are living on the campus. Bring this paper to the Council of the Midreshet (their office is in the center, next to the pizza place) and you'll get a sticker for your car and the phone number to call to open the gate (it doesn't work if you are not register but have the phone number as only the phone numbers of registered people is "allowed" to call this number).