The Aguda (Student Union) is the official student body for all of Ben Gurion University's students.


Based in Be'er Sheva, the Aguda organizes exciting and interesting events on an almost daily basis. The Aguda also addresses issues related to the welfare of the student body as a whole and of individual students. Members of the Aguda are even entitled to unlimited access to the University's Sports Center in Be'er Sheva. All students are able to join the Aguda by paying the "welfare/student activity" fee at the beginning of the academic year.


To learn more about the Aguda, visit their website (English or Hebrew). The Aguda also sends out a weekly update in English specifically for international students (sign up). Or just check the Aguda out on Facebook!



All students planning a community event or activity can request funding from the SB Council. You can submit your request here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SB Council’s Finances


How does the SB Council get its money?


The SB Council has three sources of funding:

  • Albert Katz International School (AKIS): Every month the AKIS gives 10 NIS for each master’s and PhD student who is on scholarship. The amount therefore varies depending on the number of students, but on average it comes to about 7000-9000 NIS per semester. While the amount is calculated on a per month basis, the actual deposit to our account occurs only twice per year.

  • The Aguda: This year (2018-2019), the Aguda designated 15000 NIS for students at the SB Campus. This money was allocated to our campus based on a budget that was submitted by the SB Council.

  • Cash: Sometimes the SB Council collects cash to subsidize events.



Are there restrictions on how the SB Council can spend its money?

Yes. The restrictions depend on which account the money comes.

  • AKIS: Money from AKIS is relatively unrestricted. Certain alcoholic products are prohibited, but aside from this, the School is generally willing to support any/all student activities. The caveat to this is that the school requires the activity to be insured (see below) and for the expense to be considered “justified” (i.e., it’s not a service already offered in Be’er Sheva). Spending this money on the gym to play volleyball, therefore, is currently restricted because we don’t have insurance coverage off campus and because the university says we already have access to a gym in Be’er Sheva. Money from this account does not need to be spent by any sort of “deadline.” That is, if one year’s Council does not spend any of the money, it will all be available the following year.

  • Aguda: Money from the Aguda must be approved by their main office. This can be a cumbersome process. We are working for greater clarity in understanding how to access this money. Money in this account disappears if it is not used by the end of the academic year.



Can I request funding from the SB Council?


Yes. If you are planning an event/activity that can benefit a large group of students, then the SB Council may be able to assist you. The best way to request money from the SB Council is to send an email to with a short description of why you are requesting funding and how much money you would need.



How much money does the SB Council currently have? What has it spent money on in the past?


We’ve created a summary of the past year expense that you can download here.