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Food committees


Second-hand Hummus

The SecondHand Hummus committee is hosting fun events every few weeks, where we collect second hand stuff  and sell delicious hummus for low prices to cover costs. We mainly deal with collecting the second hand stuff (cloths, kitchen stuff and basically everything that people want to give away), cooking and making the hummus and organizing the event itself. It's always with good vibes, good music and of course the good people of the campus! And we are always looking for some more help (you don't need to be a chef if you want to join!).


Email us at or join our whatsapp group if you are interested!


Soup nights!

Volunteers make delicious soups and get refunded for the ingredients. We serve soups with bread and spreads, and volunteers who help cook and serve, get a free bowl! 

Join us to help organize these events. Contact us at

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